PDF Protecter,Spliter and Merger-All in One PDF Tool

PDF Protector, Splitter and Merger is our second product,this is a very useful and easy to use tool. You  can Protect your PDF file with 128-Bit Encryption in a batch Process. You can encrypt 1000's of file in a single process.Another Utility is PDF Splitter, you can split PDF file using various method and it can merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF.This tool provides you multiple option while encrypting your PDF file and there are lots of option while splitting PDF file like you can split all the pages or you can split only Even or Odd Pages and if you want to split only some pages from the file then you can do that with this software

Key Feature of PDF Protector,Splitter and Merger:

  • Support 128-Bit Encryption 
  • You can Encrypt Multiple File in a single process.
  • User  Can set Owner and user password to Encrypt PDF 
  • Option to set limitaion in Password Protected File.
  • Split PDF in Batch Process with multiple Option to Split.
  • Split PDF File in Single Pages.
  • Split PDF File in Even or Odd Pages.
  • Split PDF File by Page gap Pages.
  • Split only some page of PDF File
  • Merge multiple PDF into Single PDF FIle.

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